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Termite/WDO Inspection

A termite/WDO inspection is a visual evaluation of the property specifically focused on locating termite activity, infestation, damage and/ or wood destroying organism activity, infestation, and damage. Sometimes there will be no sign that the home has an active infestations. Termites and/or WDO infestations can go undetected for years, hidden behind walls, floor coverings or insulation. Termite feeding and damage can even progress undetected in wood that is exposed because the outer surface is usually left intact of course this depends on the type of termite/WDO.

Termite and/or wood destroying organisms cause significant damage to wooden structures. As licensed/trained professionals, we will help you or the party of interest find all of the visual indicators. This is the reason that you should have a West Valley Structural Corp. professional inspect any property that you are planning on purchasing or selling. In fact, in many cases the termite/WDO inspection is so important that the lender may require it to be done prior to making the loan. Of course, this depends on the loan type. Contact us to request an inspection.

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Our termite inspection reports are standard reports which area easy to read, comprehensive, informative, and factual as to the actual conditions present at the time of the inspection. We will provide cost estimates to perform termite/WDO repairs and treatments. We are proud to offer WDO treatments and repairs if a buyer or seller desires for us to help mitigate any termite/WDO infestation and or repair and termite/WDO damage. Contact us to request an inspection.

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